Best Resistance Bands in 2024


Updated March 1, 2024

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Resistance bands have seriously become one of the best weightlifting accessories in recent times. Read more, as we guide you through a sea of options.


They are, for sure, one of the best tools for building strength and toning muscles, with very little impact on your joints, due to the smooth and free movement you get when exercising with bands. Whether you're a fitness fanatic or just starting out, incorporating resistance bands into your workouts adds variety and different challenges to your workout!

They can add additional tension onto your barbell when bench pressing, or they can alleviate some downward force when doing a pull-up – all-around the perfect accessory. In this article, we'll explore the best resistance bands for weight training this year to help you make the most informed decision!


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Best Overall Value: REP Fitness Tube Resistance Bands with Handles

Best Budget: PRx Mini Band Set

Honorable Mention: Valor Fitness PRB, Resistance Bands (XS-XXL)



Understanding the benefits of resistance bands


These versatile and portable fitness accessories provide resistance during exercises. With options like tube bands, figure eight bands and loop bands, they are made from high quality materials such as fabric or latex offering different levels of resistance.

The popularity of resistance bands stems from their ability to effectively, and uniquely target different muscle groups while ensuring safety on your joints at all times, with the smooth movement!

Factors to consider when selecting resistance bands


When choosing the resistance bands for your gym routine, it's important to take into account factors such as handle design (or do they even have handles?!), level of resistance, material quality, durability and overall comfort.

These aspects greatly impact the effectiveness of your workouts – and they can be difficult and painful to use if you buy one that’s too resistant, or a poor material for example.


Best Resistance Bands in 2024


Best Overall


REP Fitness Tube Resistance Bands with Handles – Rank: 1


resistance bands


When you consider the REP Fitness Tube Resistance Bands with Handles, labelled as lightweight, versatile, and resilient, you aren't just buying a set of bands—you're investing in a portable gym. Priced between $14.99 and $16.99, these bands offer durability with a side of convenience.

They've journeyed with me from hotel rooms to parks, never failing to add that extra burn to my workouts. The option of a full set for the value of $21.99 is a steal when you factor in the quality and the free shipping.

As a nomadic lifter, I value these bands for their portability and found their resistance perfect for both warm-up routines and rehabilitation exercises. The customer reviews echo my sentiments, further emphasizing the bands' high-quality material.

Should your order tally up to a generous $650, REP Fitness sweetens the deal with financing options—although if you're in the market for only resistance bands, $650 would be an impressive amount to spend on resistance bands! If you are looking for other equipment too, check out the rest of our site for gym equipment reviews!



Life Fitness Power Bands - Rank: 2


resistance bands


Diving into Life Fitness Power Bands, priced at an inviting $27.00, one must commend the brand's commitment to quality and innovation. Available in seven vibrant colours, these bands stretch 41 inches in length, embodying strength and flexibility.

I've seen these used everywhere, from high-end gyms to the makeshift workout corners in homes. Life Fitness brings to the table a history of equipping over 100,000 fitness facilities globally, and their power bands carry that legacy.

The bands are as versatile as they are durable, catering to a spectrum of exercises from strength training to rehabilitation. Customer comments highlight their sturdiness and reliability, and while you enjoy the free shipping, don't miss the 10% discount on first orders. This company stands by their products, even selling them as outlet items—but with a full warranty, that's a promise you can trust.



Life Fitness Resistance Tubes – Rank: 3


resistance bands


At $17.00, the Life Fitness Resistance Tubes are a solid purchase for anyone looking to equip their home gym with versatile and high-quality gear. With free shipping and an option for financing, Life Fitness ensures that resistance ranging from 4-71 lbs is accessible for all.

The 60-inch long tube, shielded with a stretchy nylon sleeve, is marked by different colour-coded resistances on its ergonomic handles. The variety in resistance makes it suitable for everyone from workout novices to seasoned athletes.

Reviews consistently praise the tubes' quality and durability, noting them as a vital addition to quarantine fitness regimens. Life Fitness doesn't just sell a product; they foster a community, offering a 10% discount to newcomers and engagement on a global scale in the fitness industry.



American Barbell Black Resistance Tubes – Rank: 4


resistance bands


The premium nature of the American Barbell Black Resistance Tubes is reflected in their $75 price tag. However, investment equates to value here, especially with a set that brings the gym cable machine to your doorstep.

Offering resistance from a trifling 1lb to an impressive 50lbs, the package includes multiple attachments such as handles, Velcro straps, and sturdy carabiners to diversify your workouts. Their recommendation comes from a sea of 5-star reviews lauding the tubes' durability.

The absence of financing options does emphasize the up-front investment, but for those committed to a high-calibre home gym, these tubes are worth their weight in gains.



Rogue Monster Bands – Rank: 5


resistance bands


With Rogue's sterling reputation, it's no surprise the Rogue Monster Bands, starting at a mere $15, are a hit in the fitness community. These bands boast a 4.8 overall rating, with the natural latex rubber construction drawing praise for both durability and versatility.

The 41-inch bands, available in eight different resistances, have been put to the test in my own routines, from pull-up assistance to explosive plyometrics. Rogue doesn't just sell equipment—it provides a tool to transform workouts.

Although the site doesn't specify financing options, the bands' affordability reduces the need for such a consideration. For lifters on the go or those furnishing a well-stocked home gym, look no further than Rogue's selection.


Best Budget


PRx Mini Band Set – Rank: 1


resistance bands


In the realm of budget-friendly fitness gear, the PRx Mini Band Set emerges as a winner priced at $12.99. The company's dedication to recovery and rehabilitation shines through with these bands.

Although the item is fresh on the market with 190 reviews coming out at 4.7 stars, the set's five different resistances are packed with a black drawstring carry bag. PRx Performance doesn't just deliver a product; they invite you to become part of their community, urging customers to share their experiences with the bands.

While the lack of financing options might be a downside for some, the set's accessibility and emphasis on mobility make it an appealing choice for those looking to enhance flexibility without breaking the bank.



Body-Solid Tools Lifting Bands, in 5 Levels of Resistance – Rank: 2


resistance bands


Body-Solid Tools Lifting Bands, priced from $11 to $42, are a testament to the fact that quality doesn't always have to come at a high price. They also have five levels of resistance and colour coding for easy identification.

While the warranty details may require digging, the option for financing and the bands' variety suggest a commitment to customer satisfaction. Body-Solid’s offering is a reminder that budget-friendly doesn't mean compromise; it means a smart investment for both novices and veteran lifters alike.



REP Fitness Pull-Up Bands – Rank: 3


resistance bands


If you're seeking a gamut of resistances at a pocket-friendly price, REP Fitness Pull-Up Bands are your go-to. Available from $9.99 to $29.99, or in a set of seven for $69.99, these bands don't skimp on quality. That is a great deal if you actually are going to use 7 of them though, so bare that in mind before splashing $70.

The layered elastic material ensures durability and maintains consistent tension, a feature that has garnered the bands an impressive 4.9 rating from customers extolling their reliability.

The brand's commitment to accessibility is further highlighted by the option of financing for larger orders and free shipping - as we established earlier on. REP Fitness has crafted more than a product here—they've designed an experience that caters to every level of strength and flexibility. Whether enhancing your stretching routine or powering through pull-up assistance, these bands are a budget-friendly staple.


Honorable Mentions



Valor Fitness PRB, Resistance Bands (XS-XXL)


resistance bands


Rounding off the list, we have Valor Fitness's PRB Resistance Bands, priced between $16 and $25. The six available sizes, made from 4.5mm latex, offer resistance ranging from a gentle 2lbs to a rigorous 150lbs.

Their built-in durability to withstand intense workouts mirrors the brand's confidence in their product. With the bands being praised for their great quality and considered valuable for money, they deserve an honourable mention.

Although exchange options are not on the table, their detailed return and warranty policies ensure a risk-free purchase. The inclusion of shipping in the price and the wealth of positive reviews speak of a well-received product, making Valor Fitness's PRB Resistance Bands a formidable option for lifters of all calibres.


Incorporating Bands into Your Workout


To make the most of resistance bands in your weight training routine it's vital to use them properly! Incorporate these bands into weight training exercises to stimulate muscle growth and provide a challenge – they are most effective when incorporated into exercises like the bench press or deadlift for example, where they can increase the resistance, boosting gains!

Or for the likes of you who are looking to use them to alleviate some weight, they are a great option! Loop the band around your feet. Loop over a pull-up bar. Now you’ve got yourself your very own hand-crafted resistance pull-up machine (which costs THOUSANDS!).

Equally, for you girls out trying to work on your hips and glutes, they are perfect for added resistance to the famous ‘donkey kicks’ or side lunges!


Safety Precautions


Safety and proper form should always be prioritized when using resistance bands. Maintaining form is essential, for both safety and effectiveness.

Focus on your target muscle group, and perform the movement slowly so you can feel the band working its magic! The slow movements will also mitigate the risk of injuries.

Also, our biggest warning with these bands is: DON’T OVER STRETCH THEM. If you do, you can certainly make the break and aggressively ping across the room – who knows what’s going to get injured in that situation!



Frequently Asked Questions


Q1; Can beginners use resistance bands?

Absolutely! Resistance bands are great for beginners because they come in different levels of resistance allowing users to start at their beginner level and gradually progress.

Q2; How do I choose the level of resistance?

Choose a resistance level that is within your level of weightlifting, and as your strength increases, increase the resistance in the band. If you find it difficult to complete an exercise with proper form, consider using a band with less resistance.

Q3; Can resistance bands replace weights?

While resistance bands are excellent for safely adding resistance to your workouts, they cannot completely replace weights. Try to incorporate them in, not replace them!

Q4; How long do resistance bands last?

The lifespan of a resistance band depends on its usage and quality. If properly maintained, high-quality bands can last for years.

Q5; Can resistance bands be used for rehabilitation purposes?

Yes, they can! Resistance bands are beneficial for improving strength and flexibility during therapy or rehabilitation. Consult your doctor before taking our word it, but they are great for stretching out the hamstring, and rehabilitating ankle pain and shoulder pain!